Do you have to pay more when it comes to getting yourself employed mortgage?

No, you don’t.

Providing, I believe, that you plan and you prepare for it.

How do you start to prepare for it you ask? Look no further than this Blog.

This is a common question we get asked here at Active Mortgage and so we composed a video to help you on your self-employed mortgage Journey.


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Do you have to pay more when it comes to getting yourself employed mortgage?

No, you don’t.

Providing, I believe, that you plan and you prepare for it. There are many different pieces to the puzzle that makeup getting a mortgage, and that’s things like your proof of income, your deposit amount, the number of years that you take the mortgage over, that’s all going to dictate the amount that your mortgage costs you on a monthly basis.

One of the key things that is going to affect how much your mortgage is going to be is going to be your credit report. And if you’ve had defaults, CCJ’s, counter court judgments, missed payments, then that could affect the amount that you’re going to pay, and you pay more for your mortgage. Ideally, you want to wait at least two years until the defaults, the CCJ’s, the missed payments are in your past, because if you do inside this most recent two years, then you’re going to find that mortgage lenders generally want to your interest rates up.

It’s much, much better to have the cleanest credit possible. So, if you want to think about preparing and paying less for your mortgage, then realistically you want to get your ducks in a row. So, start thinking ahead, start speaking to a mortgage advisor at the earliest possible time, and making sure that everything is set for success.

Thanks very much, and I look forward to seeing you on the next video.


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